Universe International Schools

Independent oversight by company Universe Education And Human development


We have got the degree of excellence in a high level assessment of the overall performance from the Ministry of Education.

As we got on the outstanding performance in the office of Academic Affairs and educational activities, Universe company Global Education and Human Development.

About Our Team

As Universe International Schools we are committed to educate the students for future success, promote academic excellence, and provide a choice of educational opportunities for parents, students and educators.

In our school we believe in overall development of mind and body of the students. We teach them social skills such as cooperation, team work, sharing and caring. The students are encouraged to express themselves in the ways most appropriate using the words most suitable depending on their age groups and grasping abilities by using different suitable strategies. Our students are encouraged to discuss / explain / solve the problems they face.

We help our students in creating S.M.A.R.T. goals






Every year the students set goals to get good grades and pass their classes. Every student get the proper guidance needed to achieve them.

The various competitions held in the school allow them to use their knowledge to test against each other in a healthy way. This helps them with their confidence which results in independent and strong thinking.

Our successful educational program gets our students ready to excel in all aspects of life.  Our students are ready to succeed in life to become good global citizens.


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