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Students Corner

Simple Sketch

By Renad Grade 6A


Graduation Day Word

By Jana Alkarajeh Grade 6

Today is the Graduation Day. We Grade 6 will finally graduate from elementary school, and this is a big step for us. We learned, studied, played, celebrated, and had many hard moments that were spent together in those 6 years. We remember all these moments, but now it should be forgotten because we will open a new page of hard work, faith, power and knowledge. We are now going to middle school. Middle school has challenges, more studies and more methods.
Parents have a very big part in our graduation and success. They are worried about our education. They are sure happy for our graduation and want to see us graduating from university. Mothers and fathers do their best to build us and to build our future, but you have to also be a good builder of your future. You have to choose a goal and work on it. You
have to be a good Muslim and a good person to be successful.Do not depend on anyone for anything except Allah, then You.
Teachers were like our parents and they were always telling us “You are like my daughters”. They have a goal of teaching us and to help us in our life. These are my words and my greetings that are written with love and faith from me.

Why I love my school

By Raheel Saad Alasmary Grade 6

The morning wakes me up.And the school opens its doors. Your friend tell you let’s go! The letters dance in front of your eyes. Your brain wakes up from a long sleep. My school is where I learn. My teachers have their own way to teach and every way is better than the other. I love my friends I see them more than my family. On school days we look forward for the vacation. Then after a little while,we really miss school. We countdown the days. And when one of our friends go to another school we really miss her and we give each other presents. Our school is my other home. My friends are like my sisters and my teacher is like my mom. And that’s why I love my school.



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